Relais Bour gondisch Cruyce Hotel
(Brugges, Belgium)

As soon as Ray came out of the coma he saw Chloe, that Belgian girl, in tears. Soon the image of his friend, and that bad fortune, came to his mind.

Although, come to think of it, at least they were no longer in Bruges. Or so he thought.

Rest, he said, as he kissed her forehead.

The following letter was delivered in person at the owner of hotel featured in the movie. The owner smiled and began to read it as we were leaving.

Dear Marie and Patrice.

Was it finally a boy or a girl? In any case, congratulations! I’m sure you must be great perents.

I fratley regret not having returned to werite to you since then, The quarrels with that guy at the hotel got complicated. I regret not having wrned of my unexpected departure.

Ken, my dear and only friend, jumped from the Belfort tower when he was being chased by an armed guy. Well, the guy with the gun who tried to kill me, the one at the hotel, and the one you prevented from climbing the stairs. That, by the way, dear Marie, you proved to be such a brave mother! For which I will be eternally grateful.

At least I know that my friend jumped to tell me, I have no doubt, probably because that cyclopean babe would tell would tell Harry that he was taking a fucking beer with his girlfriend and the little man. The girl’s name is Chloe, she was born in Bruges, and she Works in the Belgian film industry, now we are married. I met Chloe on a shoot where the shot Jimmy, the little man, and very weird people dressed ins something from a painting or something like that.

Unfortunately, that short man dressed as a schoolboy would end up with his brains spilling over Burges, one of the bullets that hit me shocked him. And the armed guy at the hotel. Believing that he had killed a child, thought that was a matter of honor and shot himself in the mouth. The same guy that ordered my friend to kill me. How? Thats what I thought, Marie!

You see, that I discovered the moment right after trying to blow my head. Yes, try to kill me. I was desperate, I could not continue to bear the burden of, although it was an accident, to have killed a child. But Ken prefered to leave me alive instead of fullfilling his misión, which made me feel deeply strange, because I also forced myself to take a train to get away from Burges, but theu stopped him because I hit a Canadian. Can trains stop to stop a guy? You are right. Luckily the most beautiful girl in the world wrote her number in a pozi and I let it fall to the ground while it moved away with style.
And I made the call that comes out in the movies and took me out.

As you can see, I’m not a sriptwriter, I barely know my own language! And of course I have never lived in Pasadena. I am a murderer, I was a murderer, and I do not kanow how I survived three shots, I suppose there are good doctors in Bruges.

I hoped not to die and I did not.

Sincerely, Ray.

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