Interview with Joe Fischer. Bicycle traveler, he has visited more than 130 countries around the world. (spanish)

Below is the complete list of interviews conducted by the brothers, (from their beginnings in 2013 until 2020.)



Interview with Dr. Miguel Angel Pertierra, University specialist in Clinical Hypnosis, Neuropsychology and bipolar disorder, among other specialties. (spanish)

Interview with Jose Luis Puche. Artist. (spanish)

Interview with Benjamin Aidoo, Ghana. Viral video “Dancing Pallbearers” (english & spanish)


Interview with Fernando Polanco, humorist and screenwriter. (spanish)


Interview with Luis Garcia, young entrepreneur, creations for NASA and ESA. (spanish)

Interview with Andrea Sibaja, champion of spain of mixed motorcycling. (spanish)


Interview with Frank T, first Spanish rapper. (spanish)

Interview with Rosario Sarmiento, collection management, art critic and personal advisor in the acquisition of works of art. (spanish)

Interview with Pascal Gaine, Winner of the Goya for best soundtrack for Handia. (spanish)


Interview with anonymous inventor of the Génesys machine. (spanish)

Interview with Juaninacka, spanish rapper. (spanish)


Interview with Emilio Martín, duathlon World champion. (spanish)

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