Bushido Art Gallery

Shibuya - Tokyo

A Multicultural Space

In Tokyo’s vibrant Shibuya district, known for its fashion, youth culture and bustling nightlife, lies an artistic gem that attracts art lovers from around the world. Bushido Art Gallery is a cutting-edge space that serves as a meeting point for emerging artists from diverse cultures, creating a unique platform where boundaries are blurred and connections are forged through art.

A Place of Inspiration and Encounter

In the heart of Shibuya, Bushido Art Gallery is more than an exhibition space; it is a place of inspiration and encounter. Here, art transcends borders and connects emerging artists from around the world in a visual and emotional dialogue.

Rotating & Innovative Exhibitions

The soul of this gallery lies in its rotating and innovative exhibitions, which often feature works by emerging artists, but also established talents. Each week, the space transforms with a new show, and these exhibitions span a wide variety of artistic media, from painting and sculpture to installations, photography, digital art or performance.

Collaboration with CYM Crew and Garcia Brothers

Bushido Art Gallery maintains a close relationship with CYM Crew, providing a place for these artists to exhibit. Garcia Brothers, on the other hand, provides a digital space where the work of all of these artists can be viewed and contacted.

Current Exhibitions

‘Naturalia’, Takeda

Nov 30 – Dec 7, 2023

Information and contact: bushido@garciabrothers.es

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Bushido Art Gallery collaborates with CYM Crew, the international band of street artists

And…All of *CYM Crew’s works here.